AHT232 Postmodernism: Art, Architecture, Culture and Theory

This unit explores the history of visual art and architectural practices and theories associated with the discourses of `postmodernism', in relation to the history of modernism, the sustained critiques of modernism in the 1970's the pluralism of the 1980's and contemporary shifts of interest including `post-colonialism. This unit will selectively focus on and contextualise key developments in European, American and Australian visual art and architecture. Rather than plot the genealogies of theory in detail, the unit will map out a broad outline of concepts, concerns and practices and provide some indication of the interdisciplinary scope in redefining the domain of contemporary culture. Of particular interest will be the instigation of change in visual cultures through innovations and revisions in architecture and notions of the city; the relationships between visual cultures from 'high' and 'low' domains, the restoration of `historicism', the use of quotation and intertextuality, regionalism and postcolonial identities.

Unit Information

Semester 2, 2017