The topic of this book, engaged environmental citizenship, is a ‘big idea’. It raises many issues about democracy; governance; consumer society; how people, their environments and ecology are connected; and how we can take better account of ecological realities and minimise environmental impacts. Environmental and natural resource issues need to be addressed at a range of scales and by many different people. They can seldom be solved without concerted, coordinated and cooperative action. Some people who become involved do so in a professional capacity. Others are involved because of the citizenship obligations they feel and their care for the common good. Many government programs rely on the voluntary expression of environmental or corporate citizenship, as do community-based environmental movements. What then do we mean by ‘environmental citizens’? How and why do people and organisations become these kinds of citizens? How can they engage with critical environmental issues and make a difference? What gets in their way? These are the kinds of questions this book addresses.

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