DLF515 Digital Technologies: Languages, Literacy and Data Literacy

The aim of this unit is to support students in integrating digital technology into learning environments with a view to developing transformative, critically-informed and forward-looking innovation. To this end, the unit draws on multidisciplinary research and a pool of local and international expertise. Throughout the unit, student wellbeing, equity and internationalisation are construed as the key pillars of pedagogic innovation. Innovation, as it relates to language education, mathematics and data literacy in general, is conceived as concerning itself with:
    • (a) knowledge management, hence the internationalisation component which accounts for the epistemological and ontological diversity of the conceptual systems;
    • (b) the digital tools and the infrastructure able to provide learning support for all students, hence the equity; and
    • (c) the developments in pedagogic research which acknowledge literacy as a tool for building sustainable futures, hence student wellbeing.

Overall, the unit links the use of technology with conceptual developments which shift literacy pedagogies from their conventional, positivistic frameworks and which support critical and multidisciplinary models of thinking and practice.

Unit Information

emester 2 |  2017



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