ECM217 Teaching the Curriculum: Economics 2

This unit will build on subject knowledge gained through specialist disciplinary studies and translate it into pedagogy and practice required to be an excellent teacher of Economics in the senior years (11-12) of schooling. Students will develop their understanding of pedagogy and teaching practice in relation to the Australian Curriculum and relevant local curricula. Topics such as management of businesses, enterprise issues in personal, business and social contexts as well as business impacts locally, nationally and globally will provide the content used to develop relevant, innovative and engaging Assessment task. Through considering multiple disciplinary approaches to teaching and learning they will be provided with the opportunity to evaluate and apply diverse curriculum perspectives and pedagogical practices relative to context and discipline.

The unit will develop students' skills to think critically, creatively and constructively through application to discussion, critique, evaluation and design. Strong links between and among the specialised social sciences and the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priorities will be established and implemented through the unit.

Unit Description


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