ECM223 Teaching the Curriculum: Visual Arts 2

This unit extends knowledge and practice developed in ECM213 and introduces students to more advanced concepts and pedagogies in the field of Visual Arts teaching for Years 11-12 (Stage 1 and 2). The unit equips students with skills to program a Visual Arts curriculum that facilitates students in Years 11-12 being able to: develop a strong visual arts identity as creators, audiences and users; exercise their knowledge, skills and understanding of the field to visually articulate their conceptual processes of generating ideas and problem solving, to realise a body of work to public exhibition standard, and to evaluate and work ethically as artists and designers; make informed decisions in their selections of materials, media and technologies, critically understanding how art and design works operate in the world to make, reflect and interrogate social and cultural meanings; develop the cognitive skills of critical commentary, analysis and critique of their own and others' art and design works; understand how audiences, critics and institutions contribute to meaning-making strategies; learn about how the art and design industries, museums, galleries, art and design publications, cultural and creative industries, and `the art and design world' function; develop a cultural and aesthetic `voice' in their own creative work, demonstrating a critical understanding of visual arts and design practices in local and global contexts; and learn art and design histories and theories, can make aesthetic judgments, and articulate them in both written and oral communication.

Unit Description 

RECOMMENDED TEXT - Studio Thinking 2

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