Grammar Matters introduces pre-service teachers to the foundations of grammar. Designed to develop knowledge gradually and build confidence, each chapter covers key concepts in straightforward yet accessible style, allowing readers to master an aspect of grammar or punctuation before building on this with the next topic. Grammar Matters provides solid coverage of the parts of speech, phrases, clauses and punctuation, and equips pre-service teachers with a range of skills and strategies to apply to their own writing and future classroom teaching. Key features Written specifically for teacher education students, to engage them in teaching and learning grammar. 'Try it' practical exercises and revision questions to test readers' knowledge and progress of key concepts. 'Hot Tips' offer handy grammar hints and 'In context' focuses on grammatical issues that many students struggle with.

Author: Margaret Zeegers
ISBN: 9780195523096
Publication Date: 20 Nov 2013
Edition: N/A

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