ENV318 Advanced Spatial Analysis

Geospatial technologies underpin many successful management applications in a variety of environmental and social situations. In this unit, students will not only learn the advanced geospatial techniques required to address complex environmental and /or social issues, but they will develop the skills required to successfully manage large interdisciplinary projects. Students will be required to understand the environmental and other issues surrounding a geospatial case study of their interest. The case studies may include but are not limited to habitat suitability, risk susceptibility in coral reefs, spatio-temporal fire patterns, disaster management, and accessibility to health related services. Students develop theoretical understanding and technical skills while selecting and applying the appropriate spatial analysis techniques to address the given scenario. The unit concludes with a project which draws together the semester's learning in a topic area of the student's choice. In parallel to spatial science skills, students also develop planning and project management skills.

Unit Information

Semester 2, 2017


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