ENV521 Community Engagement for Biosecurity and Natural Resource Management

This unit will demonstrate to the student the role of community stakeholders in the management of plant biosecurity, where 'the community' may include international, national, regional scales of engagement and government, industry and public sectors. Students will build their understanding of social aspects of biosecurity including public relations, communication and educational needs, as well as cultural considerations. Applying tools such as social mapping, students will analyse the role of social structures in augmenting (or impeding) action and understanding of biosecurity. Students will investigate community perceptions of risk, and the importance of consultation among community members for the development of effective practice. By the end of this unit students will have developed an ethical practice for biosecurity professionals. Although developed specifically as part of a national curriculum for biosecurity, the unit will also benefit students in other disciplines where social partnerships and community engagement are integral to effective professional practice, and will draw upon a broad base of community engagement literature and activity.

Unit Information

Semester 2, 2017


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