EST201 Promoting Positive Behaviour

The Australian National Graduate Standards require that graduate teachers have competencies in creating and maintaining supportive and safe learning environments, and this requirement provides the rationale for the content and delivery of this unit. School-wide behavioural theories are examined and aligned with interventions that support best practices in addressing challenging behaviours. Skills are introduced which enable initial teacher educators to develop and maintain positive classroom environments. They will recognise this is achieved through effective classroom management; excellent instruction which reflects a depth of knowledge within their subject areas; the ability to establish positive relationships with their students; and, facilitating positive peer-to-peer relationships.

Participants will in particular, analyse the relationships between effective and explicit instructional models, classroom management strategies and behavioural contexts and integrate these through interventions across the school community. The successful participant will also demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to acknowledge socio-emotional problems and plan, implement and review interventions based on a team approach. In summary, EST201 presents a learning experience which allows its successful participants to meet the diverse needs of all students within the school community.

Unit Information

Semesters 1, 2 & Summer | 2017


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