EST531 Diversity, Inclusion and Special Education

This postgraduate unit takes a sociological perspective on the issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice as they impact on people. The unit will require pre-service teachers to creatively engage with the course content to question and critique common understandings of inclusion. When engaging with the unit, pre-service teachers will be asked to critically examine current theoretical perspectives, historical developments and current practices for including disadvantaged children and young people in educational settings. Pre-service teachers will also be asked to creatively critique the implications of applying theory in practice from the perspectives of the children, young people, parents and educators as the stakeholders in inclusive education. This unit will involve the completion of 20 hours of community service and a critical analysis of the practices and issues of inclusion as they are applied across a range of educational settings. This unit will require pre-service teachers to autonomously engage with the current research literature around inclusion and to develop personal and well-based standpoints concerning the social justice and pedagogical issues presented in the unit.

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