HEA762 Honours Thesis #20

This unit is one of three Honours thesis units (HEA761, HEA762, HEA763) (previously coded HON441, HON442, HON443) assigned to the School of Health, in which candidates undertaking the Bachelor of Science Honours program (BSCIH) may enrol to complete their research project. The research project comprises 60 credit points (75%) of the total 80 credit points required for the award.

HEA762 is worth 20 credit points and is normally taken with SID400 and SID401 (10 credit points each) to achieve a full load for one semester i.e. 40 credit points, in a full-time program. For part-time candidates, HEA762 is usually taken in both second and fourth semesters to achieve 40 credit points in each semester.

All candidates need to enrol in one or both of the other two Honours thesis units mentioned above to complete their research requirements in this course.

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