HIT722 Honours Thesis #20

This unit is one of three Honours thesis units (HIT721, HIT722, HIT723), in which candidates undertaking the Bachelor of Science Honours program (BSCIH) in the information technology (IT) discipline may enrol to complete their research project. An Honours research project comprises 60 credit points (75%) of the total of 80 credit points required for the award. HIT722 is worth 20 credit points.

For full time students, this unit would be taken with a special elective and with SID401 (Research Writing) or with other research units, to constitute a full load for one semester i.e. 40 credit points in a full-time program. For part-time students, HIT722 is taken when the student is working part time on their research project. All candidates need to enrol in more than one of the Honours thesis unit mentioned above to complete the 60 credit points of research requirements in the Bachelor of Science Honours.

Unit Information

Semesters 1, 2 | 2016

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