Human Resources Management, 3rd edition is an all-inclusive resource packed full of Australian examples, quality pedagogical features and cutting edge theories.  It provides an excellent balance of practical teaching and the underlying theory of HRM which helps students understand what HR actually is, rather than just how to practice it.

The text facilitates the development of critical and innovative thinking, allowing readers to make Co-adaptive Human Resource Management (CHRM) decisions in the light of the diverse features of any given business and its operating environment.

Hartel and Fujimoto underscore HRM as a core aspect of management and a function which creates sustainable value for organisations and society, making it essential reading for all students, academics and practitioners of HRM.

The third edition of Human Resources Management, 3rd edition has been thoroughly updated and revised.

Author: Hartel C, Fuliomot Y
ISBN: 9781442563650
Publication Date: 9 Oct 2014
Edition: 3rd Edition

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