Many students begin a law course believing ’real’ lawyers write in legalese. Clear and Precise: Writing skills for today’s lawyer, 3rd Edition, encourages law students and lawyers to use plain English techniques in the language, structure, content, style and presentation of their writing. The release of the first edition of this manual was one element of a campaign by the Queensland Law Society Plain English Committee to promote clear, precise and effective communication at all levels in the legal community. Thomson Reuters took on the task of publishing a second edition, and ongoing interest in the manual as a teaching aid has led to this revised and updated third edition.

New to the third edition:

• a more detailed discussion on interpretation and definition clauses;

• a new chapter “Writing for Clients with Literacy Problems”;

• expanded material on professional letter writing; and

• new content relating to writing emails.

Author: Ros Macdonald , Deborah Clark-Dickson
ISBN: 9780455228112
Publication Date: 1 Oct 2010
Edition: 3rd edition

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