LexisNexis Skills Series: Australasian Mooting Manual gives a step-by-step outline of all the processes involved in mooting. By the provision of sample moots and examples of all phases of the moot, from research to the final critique, it provides both students and supervisors with models and guidelines for establishing a successful mooting program. The second edition has been restructured and rewritten to include new material on international and high school mooting competitions as well.

LexisNexis Skills Series: Australasian Mooting Manual explains in straight forward terms the strategies that will lead to successful legal advocacy in a law school context. However, the skills developed in moots are critical to all aspects of life, and the persuasive advocate will certainly have a head start in meeting the challenges ahead.

Author: Joel Butler
ISBN: 9780409329162
Publication Date: 1 May 2012
Edition: 2nd edition

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