This practical, student-focused text introduces writing skills essential for successful study in law and explains how to apply them in a legal context. It is designed as a course book for first year law students with ongoing relevance as a resource in subsequent years at law school and beyond. Basic literacy, legal literacy and writing skills are explored in a way that is fully integrated into legal content, reflecting current pedagogical best-practice. The text assists students to develop sound legal writing skills, providing a solid foundation to enhance performance in professional legal writing tasks. It includes many examples, case-studies and exercises and is supported by extensive online resources for lecturers. The second edition of this text offers expanded examples and explanations of the types of legal writing required of both students and professionals.

Author: Nichola Corbett-Jarvis , Brendan Grigg
ISBN: 9780409334029
Publication Date: 30 Jan 2014
Edition: 2nd Edition


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