MAN310 New Venture Planning and Development

The old adage of 'businesses do not plan to fail, they merely fail to plan' is highly relevant when considered in light of research that suggest a very high proportion of new ventures fail within the first 18 months. In business the most important tool needed for success in today's highly dynamic and competitive business environment is the Business Plan. 

This undergraduate unit develops student skills and knowledge required to be successful in business, with special emphasis on the skills and knowledge required to successfully analyse business environment and plan new ventures. As such the main learning activity of this unit is the development of a viable business plan for a start-up venture. Importantly, the skills and knowledge acquired from this unit are also relevant to maintain the competitive advantage of a business and pursuing other business opportunities, including planning the expansion of established businesses and evaluating the purchase of an existing business as a means of entering into business ownership. 

Semester 2, 2019

Unit Information


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