MRA501 Mawul Rom Studies #10

This unit is used to record student progression through the different levels of Mawul Rom ceremony/workshop and the interrelated research/project components of the course.

It is offered in a number of semesters each year:
Semester 1, Study Period 2, Semester 2 and Summer Semester - external offerings: external project work related to Mawul Rom Semester 2 - internal mode only: specifically for enrolling to attend the Mawul Rom workshop

To attend the Mawul Rom workshop you must enrol internally in this unit in Semester 2.

Online enrolment is not available for this unit. Students can only enrol with the approval of the Mawul Rom course coordinator. To enrol, students will be required to complete a Change of Enrolment Form, available on the CDU website.

Unit Information

Semesters 1, 2  | 2017


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