MRA503 Mawul Rom Elective Studies #10

This unit is to record student enrolment in one of the three specialist elective units: Collaborative Presentation, Contemporary Co-mediation or Mayadin Law Ceremony. This is a repeatable unit and students may enrol in it more than once provided it is in different teaching periods. *Students can only participate in the Mayadin Law Ceremony upon invitation from a cultural Elder (unsolicited by the student) and following receipt of permission to attend under the supervision of a person approved (Djungaya) by the course committee.

Online enrolment is not available for this unit. Students can only enrol with the approval of the Mawul Rom course coordinator. To enrol, students will be required to complete a Change of Enrolment Form, available on the CDU website.

Unit Information

Semesters 1, 2  | 2017


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