MRA620 Mawul Rom Studies #20

Participation in this unit builds upon the knowledge and skills developed by the students successful completion of the MRA501 Workshop 1: Introduction. By building on relationships developed during the first workshop, within traditional social structures and among co-participants, students develop skills and knowledge that assists them in learning to "listen to country". During this phase complexities of cross-cultural communication and decision making are explored in depth. Students begin during this phase to explore traditional and contemporary mediation and leadership.

Students will be required to take a proactive role in their own learning and begin in the process of facilitating the learning of others. With increased responsibilities, students are encouraged consider the challenges and discipline required to undertake meaningful cross-cultural dialogue. These themes are all explored in the context of both ceremonial and contemporary frameworks, of which students will be required to take an increasing role in both participation and facilitation. The practical dimension is an integral part of the learning methodology - students will be invited to engage with and participate in shared conversations and practical exercises relating to both traditional and contemporary aspects of cross-cultural communication, mediation and decision-making. This interactive learning methodology is likely to be challenging for many students who are used to a more structured and directed style of learning. Students will be provided with an opportunity to experience the complexities associated with communicating in a cross-cultural context. They will be encouraged to explore, develop and critique the competencies required to enable mutually respectful and reciprocal conversations in a cross-cultural setting.

Online enrolment is not available for this unit. Students can only enrol with the approval of the Mawul Rom course coordinator.

Unit Information

Semesters 1, 2 | 2017


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