PSY355 Applied Psychology

In this unit, you will gain insights into three important applied areas of psychology :

  • Health psychology
  • Organisational psychology
  • Community psychology

In the health psychology part you will gain an understanding of how psychological factors (e.g. behaviours, attitudes, beliefs) influence health and illness, and how to best promote positive health behaviours and reduce harmful health behaviours.

In the organisational psychology part you will acquire psychological knowledge and skills that enhance the performance of organisations by increasing the effectiveness of, for example, recruitment and selection, leadership and team work, organisational culture and change, and coaching and mentoring.

In the community psychology part you will gain psychological knowledge and skills necessary for empowering communities such as community focused psycho-social research and evaluation, assessing psycho-social strength and needs of communities, developing group based interventions and strategies to enhance engagement.

In this unit you will apply, synthesise and expand upon previous units and provide you with valuable skills in these specialised areas.

These applied areas are relevant and crucial working in a wide range of work environments including health and social services, businesses, government, disaster management, humanitarian aid, and government.

Unit Information

Semester 1 | 2017


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