PSY504 Biological and Neurological Perspectives On Disorders

This unit provides an overview of human neuroanatomy and neuropharmacology in relation to normal brain functioning and human behaviour. The relationship between human biology and psychopathology is covered at an advanced level and includes contemporary brain-based approaches for psychological problems across the lifespan.

The relationship of brain damage to behaviour is examined with particular attention to traumatic brain disorders, language and developmental disorders, memory disorders and dementia. Students learn the neurological correlates of substance use disorders and strategies for assessing and working with dual diagnoses presentations which contribute to their preparation to embark on clinical placements, across the Northern Territory.

General psychopharmacology is a component of this unit. Students acquire knowledge of medications prescribed for common psychological conditions, and learn the indications, contraindications, and iatrogenic effects of pharmacotherapy. The efficacy of integrating medication and psychotherapy is explored within the context of clinical practice.

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