PSY605 Clinical Placement 3

In this unit students undertake a practical externship within the community, engage in practicum training, and participate in Case Analysis Seminars which are attended by all second year clinical students and facilitated by staff. Within these seminars, students will be required to present a case from their placement experience. This is a formal presentation to peers and staff of the client's symptoms, history, assessments, diagnosis of the disorder using DSM-IV-TR, case formulation and a consideration of appropriate treatment strategies consistent with the formulation. The clinical practicum is developed in collaboration with the student, the placement coordinator, and the practitioner supervising the placement. Contracts will be drawn up which will clearly specify the skills to be taught and the responsibilities of the Student, the Placement Supervisor and the Placement Coordinator. It is expected that in all placements, students will have experience in assessment and therapy.

Unit Information


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