UTL512 Assessment and Evaluation in University Teaching and Learning

In this unit students will identify theoretical and evidence-based approaches to assessment in universities as described in the literature and critically examine the assessment regimes used in courses, that they are teaching within a global, national and local policy context.

The objectives of this unit are to stimulate thinking about assessment design at the course and unit level using the concept of curriculum alignment, as well as to enhance practice in the development, implementation, evaluation and management of effective assessment.

Students will explore the use of tools that enhance effective assessment including those integrated into CDUs Learning Management System (Blackboard/Learnline) that assist with creating, marking, providing feedback and managing assessment, as well as monitoring student participation and performance.

This unit is not available for online enrolment and is only available to CDU staff enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of University Teaching and Learning (GCUTL).

Unit Information

Semester 2, 2019


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