Lecturer textbook advice form (For CDU staff only)

To ensure the timely and cost-effective supply of textbooks to your students, please submit your Lecturer textbook advice form 16 weeks before the start of each semester.

The Bookshop requires a textbook advice form for each unit, for every semester.

If you have further queries or difficulties submitting this form please contact the Bookshop:

E: bookshop@cdu.edu.au
T: 08 8946 6979

Publisher desk copy request

If you require desk (sample) copies of textbooks you are considering adopting, please request them directly from the publisher's representative. CDU Bookshop can assist you in contacting your publisher representative. For your convenience publisher contact information is provided below to aid staff in the choosing of new textbooks and ordering desk copies.

Offline desk copy request

Some publishers provide desk copies but have strict guidelines. You may submit your request to the Bookshop by email to bookshop@cdu.edu.au and we can approach them on your behalf or alternatively, when you place your textbook advice form.

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