Semester 2 | 2017

Academic Language and Learning


ACT102 Introduction to Accounting
ACT204 Financial Accounting
ACT304 Accounting Information Systems
ACT305 Corporate Accounting
ACT306 Professional Practice Project
ACT501 Accounting Principles
ACT502 Management Accounting
ACT503 Corporate Accounting
ACT504 Auditing
ACT506 Accounting Information Systems
ACT507 Accounting Information for Decisions
BCO202 E-Commerce in the Global Business Environment
BCO302 Applied Business Project
BRE501 Management Consulting Report
BRE520 Literature Review Proposal
BRE540 Literature Review Proposal
BRE810 Business Research
BRE910 Dissertation/ Research
BRE920 Dissertation/ Research
BRE940 Dissertation/ Research
BUS701 Honours Thesis A
BUS702 Honours Thesis B
COM510 Advanced Business Communications
ECO105 Principles of Economics
ECO202 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO304 Advanced Economics
ECO306 Economic Modelling
ECO501 Economics for Managers
ECO504 Business Economics
FIN205 Business Finance
LAW105 Introduction to Business law
LAW205 Commercial and Corporate Law For Accountants
LAW511 Australian Taxation Law
LAW512 Commercial and Corporate Law for Managers
LAW513 Corporate Law
LAW514 Commercial Law
MAN212 Organisational Behaviour
MAN308 Operations Management
MAN302 Industrial Relations
MAN306 Planning and Strategy
MAN501 Cross Cultural Management
MAN505 Managing Innovation
MAN506 Organisational Behaviour
MAN515 Operations Management
MKT202 Marketing Communications
MKT304 Services Marketing
MKT307 Marketing Planning
MKT502 Clients and Markets
QAB105 Quantitative Analysis for Business
STA510 Business Statistics
TAX305 Australian Taxation Law
TOU506 Tourism Financial Management
TOU508 Tourism Operations Management
TOU508 Tourism Operations Management
WIB601 Professional Practice Experience #10
WIB602 Professional Practice Experience #10
WIB603 Professional Practice Experience #20
WIB604 Professional Business Practice #10
WIB605 Professional Business Project #20

Creative Arts and Humanities

AHT214 Indigenous Art in Northern Australia
AHT232 Postmodernism: Art, Architecture, Culture and Theory
BCC102 Issues in Communication Studies
BCC202 Communication, Technology and Culture
BCC204 Professional Writing
BVE112 Creative Arts Elective
BVE212 Advanced Creative Arts Elective
CAH301 Independent Studies A
CAH302 Independent Studies B
CAI102 Creative Practice
CAI202 Modernity
CHN101 Chinese Language 1
CHN102 Chinese Language 2
CHN202 Chinese Language 4
CHN302 Chinese Language 6
DES140 Design and Representation in Architecture
DES152 Design Studio 2
DES162 Design Studio 2
DES251 Design Studio 3
DES261 Architectural Technology and Environment 2
DES311 Design in Context
DES351 Design Studio 5
GOV501 Public Governance: Scope and Issues
GOV502 Government Finance and Economics
GRK101 Greek 1
GRK201 Greek 3
GRK302 Greek 6
HIS231 Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia
HIS246 North Australian History to 1911
HIS355 Mainland Southeast Asia
INI101 Indonesian Language 1
INI102 Indonesian Language 2
INI201 Indonesian Language 3
INL301 Indonesian Language 5
LAN102 Introduction to Language Studies
LAN201 Negotiated Language Study
LAN211 In-Country Language Study
LAN301 Language Project
LAN311 In-Country Language Study
LIT101 An Introduction to Reading Literature and Film
LIT201 The Literature Of The North: Australia and SE Asia
MUS110 Introductory Language Of Music
MUS130 Intermediate Language Of Music
MUS150 Introductory Instrumental and Vocal Studies
MUS210 Secondary Performance Skills
MUS240 Music Studies - Teaching Perspectives 2
MUS260 Intermediate Instrumental and Vocal Studies
MUS285 History and The Performing Musician
MUS299 Technical Production
MUS310 Secondary Performance Skills
MUS320 Music Studies -Teaching Perspectives 3
MUS330 Advanced Instrumental and Vocal Studies
NMD201 New Media Intermediate Studio
NMD203 New Media Animation Studio
NMD204 New Media Scripting and interactive Studio
NMD302 New Media Advanced Studio
POL149 Foundations Of Western Civilisation
POL214 Political Ideas
POL220 International Relations
POL221 Comparative Politics of South East Asia
POL312 Northern Territory Politics internship Program
PRS101 Principles of Public Relations
PRS201 Practising Public Relations
PRS304 Communications  Project
SOC140 Sociological Perspectives
SVA103 Introductory Studio
SVA204 Intermediate Studio Creative Arts
SVA303 Advanced Studio


ECE300 Play, Pedagogies and Philosophies in Early Childhood
ECE301 Play in Early Childhood Education
ECE302 Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood Contexts
ECE310 Leadership, Advocacy and Research
ECL123 Mathematics with Young Children
ECL155 Preparation For Teaching in Early Childhood and Education
ECL217 The Arts in The Early Years
ECL244 Science in the Early Years
ECM201 Teaching The Curriculum: Science 1
ECM202 Teaching The Curriculum: Science 2
ECM211 Teaching The Curriculum: Health and Physical Education 1
ECM212 Teaching The Curriculum: Health and Physical Education 2
ECM213 Teaching The Curriculum: Visual Arts 1
ECM214 Teaching The Curriculum: Geography 1
ECM215 Teaching The Curriculum: Geography 2
ECM216 Teaching The Curriculum: Economics 1
ECM217 Teaching The Curriculum: Economics 2
ECM218 Teaching The Curriculum: Indigenous Knowledge Systems 1
ECM219 Teaching The Curriculum: Indigenous Knowledge Systems 2
ECM231 Teaching The Curriculum: Music 1
ECM232 Teaching The Curriculum: Music 2
ECM233 Teaching The Curriculum: Legal Studies 1
ECM234 Teaching The Curriculum: Legal Studies 2
ECM241 Teaching The Curriculum: Information Technology 1
ECM242 Teaching The Curriculum: Information Technology 2
ECM251 Teaching The Curriculum: Lote 1
ECM252 Teaching The Curriculum: Lote 2
ECM261 Teaching The Curriculum: Maths 1
ECM262 Teaching The Curriculum: Maths 2
ECM281 Teaching The Curriculum: English 1
ECM282 Teaching The Curriculum: English 2
ECM291 Teaching The Curriculum: History 1
ECM292 Teaching The Curriculum: History 2
ECP110 Teaching and Learning 1 / Early Years
ECP210 Teaching and Learning 3 / Early Years
ECU100 Arts For Education
ECU101 Health and Physical Education For Schools
ECU102 History For Schools
ECU300 Arts, Health and PE Pedagogy
ECU311 Arts, Health and PE For The Early Years
ELA100 English, Language and Literacy in Education 1
ELA200 English, Language and Literacy in Education 2
ELA201 Teaching English as an Additional Language
ELA300 English, Language and Literacy in Education 3
EMA200 Mathematics Education 2: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Primary Mathematics
EMA300 Mathematising and Contextualising
EMG501 The Challenge of Global Learning
EMG502 Teaching and Learning and Global Learning
EMG503 Assessment and Quality Assurance in Global Learning
EMG504 Leadership in Global Learning
EMG505 Research Methodologies in Global Learning
EMG506 Project in Global Learning 1
EMG507 Project in Global Learning 2
EMG508 Project in Global Learning 3
EMG609 Internship In Global Learning
EMG810 Thesis in Global Learning
EMG820 Thesis in Global Learning #20
EPE101 Professional Experience: Preparation For Practicum
EPE110 Professional Experience: Teaching For Learning
EPE210 Professional Experience: Learner Development
EPE310 Professional Experience: Learning For All
EPL610 Professional Learning 6
EPR100 Professional Experience 1: Teacher As Learner
EPR200 Professional Experience 2: Teaching in Context
EPR201 Professional Experience 3: Approaches to Education
EPR300 Professional Experience 4: The Professional Teacher
ESC100 Science Education 1: Chemical and  Biological Sciences
ESC101 Science Education 2: Physical and Earth/Space Sciences
ESC220 Science in Education
ESC300 Stem Pedagogy
EST200 Child and Adolescent Development
EST203 Teaching Indigenous Learners
EST300 Assessment, Moderation and Reporting
EST301 Inclusive Education
EST302 Researching Classroom Practice
ETL111 Educators As Effective Communicators
ETL201 Exploring Middle Schooling
ETL224 Science Education
ETL304 Science Literacy
ETL311 Educators in Effective Partnerships
ETL329 Entrepreneurial Professional
ETL511 Teaching The Curriculum 1 / Integrating Literacy
ETP210 Teaching and Learning 3
ETP310 Teaching and Learning 5 / Inclusive Education
ETP320 Teaching and Learning 6
ETP490 Independent Study in Education 1
ETP501 Teaching and Learning 1 / Essential Learnings
ETP502 Teaching and Learning 2 / Child and Adolescent Development
ETP503 Teaching and Learning 3 / Assessment and Reporting
ETP506 Teaching and Learning 6 / Theory to Practice
UTL510 University Teaching and Learning: Theories, Issues and Practice
UTL511 Pedagogy and Technology Of Learning At University
UTL513 Reflective Practice in University Teaching and Learning

Engineering and Information Technology



DEM512 Interdisciplinary Aspects of Emergency and Disaster Management
DEM513 Leadership in Emergency and Disaster Management
DEM514 Cultural, Social and Psychological aspects of Emergency and Disaster Management
DEM615 Cultural, Social and Psychological aspects of Emergency and Disaster Management
DEM820 Research Project
HCS350 Professional Field Placement
HCS365 Integrated Methods Of Humanitarian and Community Studies
HEA230 Cultural Competence in Healthcare
HEA520 Extended Practice 1
HEA530 Pharmacotherapeutics for Extended Practice
HEA540 Extended Practice 2
HEA541 Culture in Practice
HEA542 Informing Practice with Evidence
HEA552 Child and Family Health Knowledge and Practice 2
HEA555 Developing Clinical Skills and Theoretical Knowledge in Infant and Child Nutrition
HEA561 Health Assessment in a Bio/Psycho/Social Context
HEA563 Clinical Specialisation 1
HEA564 Clinical Specialisation 2
HEA565 Clinical Specialisation 3
HEA567 Pharmacology for Health Professionals
HEA568 Transplantation
HEA569 Independent Study
HSC111 Ethics in Health Care
HSC112 Basics of Epidemiology
HSC202 Social Media and Marketing in Health Promotion
HSC203 Indigenous Health Perspectives
HSC204 Chronic Conditions Management
HSC205 Health Care Policy
HSC318 Rural and Remote Health
HSC329 Health Science Project B
MID102 Fundamental Skills Midwifery Practice
MID203 Healthy Childbearing 2
MID204 Professional Midwifery Practice 2
MID205 Midwifery Evidence Informed Health Research
MID305 Healthy Childbearing 4
MID306 Professional Midwifery Practice 4
MID307 Specialist Neonatal Care
NUR113 Professional Nursing Concepts
NUR115 Primary Health Care
NUR120 Introduction to Professional Nursing
NUR125 Nursing Practice 1
NUR210 Health Sociology
NUR219 Mental Health Nursing
NUR244 Nursing Practice 2
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1
NUR251 Medical Surgical Nursing 2
NUR329 Public Health: The Australian Perspective
NUR330 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing
NUR340 Advanced Mental Health Nursing
NUR341 Healthy Ageing
NUR342 Evidence Based Health Research and Practice
NUR343 Nursing Practice 3
NUR344 Nursing Practice 4
NUR345 Transition to Practice 1
NUR346 Transition to Practice 2
SWK102 Communication Skills
SWK103 Social Work Skills A
SWK202 Dynamics of Group Work
SWK203 Social Work Skills B
SWK314 Ethical Dilemmas and Social Justice
SWK320 Field Education A
SWK366 Field Education A
SWK401 Building Safe Communities
SWK404 Dynamics of Loss and Grief
SWK405 Skills for Regional and Remote Practice
SWK420 Field Education B
SWK466 Field Education B

Indigenous Knowledges and Public Policy

ACH400 Research Investigation: Theory and Literature
ACH401 Research Preparation: Knowledge and Skills
ATI140 Indigenous Land and Resources
ATI160 Cultural Site Management
ATI210 Indigenous Governance and Leadership
ATI231 Advocacy and Social Action
ATI310 Indigenous people and Social Justice
ATI321 Impact Assessment and Management of Cultural Sites
ATI331 Practices and Skills in Indigenous Community Work
ATI501 Neocolonialism, Advocacy and the Critique of Development
ATI503 Indigenous Knowledges, Property Rights and Economic Participation
ATI505 Partnerships and Engagement in Indigenous Land and Sea Management
CAL211 Learning A Central Australian Language 2
CAL305 Central Australian Languages- Texts and Narratives
CAS110 Introduction to Yolngu Languages and Culture
CAS111 Yolngu Languages and Culture 2
CAS205 Yolngu Life and Literature
CAS501 Yolngu Languages and Culture 1
CAS502 Yolngu Languages and Culture 2
CAS511 Yolngu Literature
CIK230 Indigenous Engagements: Land and Water
CIW240 Writing for Stage
CIW250 Writing FOR Short Film
CIW260 Critical Indigenous Writing
CIW270 Writing Poetry
CIW370 Writing Poetry
GCP503 Reconciliation and Opportunities in an Australian Context
GCP504 Partnership Project
GCP505 The Meaning of Education
IND130 Ethics and Protocols in Indigenous
IND230 Language Maintenance and Identity
IND300 Safe Spaces
IND390 Indigenous Knowledge Project
INL120 Linguistics for Indigenous Language 2
INL220 Resource Production and use
INL390 Indigenous Language Project
INR200 Research with Indigenous People
LGA320 Dictionary Making
LMA220 Language Acquisition
LMA310 Community Language Planning
MRA400 Indigenous Masters Study Elective
MRA501 Mawul Rom Studies #10
MRA503 Mawul Rom Elective Studies #10
MRA620 Mawul Rom Studies #20
PTS001 Learning Identity
PTS002 Strength and Success
PTS003 Learning in Communities
PTS004 Discipline Enquiry
PTS005 Reading and Reflection
PTS006 Ways Of Knowing
PTS007 Introduction to Mathematics
PTS009 Introduction to Science
PTS011 Advanced Mathematics


Menzies School of Health Research

Psychological and Clinical Sciences

AOD301 Counselling and Interventions in Alcohol and Other Drugs Studies
FUN501 Foundations Of Play Therapy
FUN502 Child Centred Play Therapy Play Therapy
FUN503 Medical and Directive Play Therapy
FUN504 Fundamentals of Childhood Trauma
FUN505 Therapeutic Parenting and Filial Therapy
FUN506 Play Therapy Practicum
MLS101 Medical Laboratory Science
MLS202 Haematology 2
MLS311 Medical Laboratory Placement 1
MLS312 Medical Laboratory Placement 2
MLS410 Professional Practice Consolidation
MLS411 Medical Laboratory Placement 3
MLS412 Rural Placement
NUR241 Challenge and Response to Body integrity 2
PHA211 Fundamentals of Pharmaceutics
PHA213 Pharmacology 2
PHA214 Biotechnology and Pharmacogenomics
PHA302 Applied Pharmaceutics
PHA306 Advanced Pharmaceutics
PHA307 Clinical Pharmacy Practice
PHA312 Infectious Diseases
PHA406 Therapeutics B
PHA407 Integrated Pharmacy Practice
PHA410 Innovative Pharmacy Practice and Research
PHA762 Pharmacy Honours 1
PSY141 Introduction to Psychology B
PSY143 Traumatology - Assessment and Intervention
PSY202 Developmental Psychology
PSY211 Introduction to Forensic Psychology A
PSY245 Cognition and Language
PSY300 Psychology Community Placement
PSY340 Introduction to Behavioural Therapies
PSY347 Advanced Research Design and Analysis
PSY353 Abnormal Psychology
PSY404 Psychological Assessment
PSY423 Psychological Interventions
PSY604 Advanced Clinical Practice
PSY605 Clinical Placement 3
PSY792 Honours Research Project #20
SBI171 Anatomy and Physiology 1
SBI172 Anatomy and Physiology 2
SBI173 Microbiology
SBI261 Functional Anatomy
SBI284 Histology and Histochemistry
SCH101 Chemical Concepts
SCH102 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry A
SCL200 Communication for Improved Patient care
SPE209 Exercise Psychology 1
SPE312 Advanced Studies in Exercise and Sports Science
SPE330 Exercise and Health
SPE405 Exercise and Sport Science Practicum