Semester 1 | 2019 Part 2

Indigenous Studies

ACH400 Research Investigation: Theory And Literature
ACH401 Research Preparation: Knowledge And Skills
ATI140 Indigenous Land And Resources
ATI160 Cultural Site Management
ATI210 Indigenous Governance And Leadership
ATI231 Advocacy And Social Action
ATI310 Indigenous People And Social Justice
ATI321 Impact Assessment And Management Of Cultural Sites
ATI331 Practices And Skills In Indigenous Community Work
ATI501 Neocolonialism, Advocacy And The Critique Of Development
ATI503 Indigenous Knowledges, Property Rights And Economic Participation
ATI505 Partnerships And Engagement In Indigenous Land And Sea Management
ATI720 Dissertation
CAL211 Learning A Central Australian Language 2
CAL305 Central Australian Languages - Texts And Narratives
CAS110 Introduction To Yolngu Languages And Culture
CAS111 Yolngu Languages And Culture 2
CAS205 Yolngu Life And Literature
CAS206 Yolngu Matha Conversation
CAS305 Yolngu Texts And Conversations 2
CAS501 Yolngu Languages And Culture 1
CAS502 Yolngu Languages And Culture 2
CAS511 Yolngu Literature
CAS512 Indigenous Language Project
CAS521 Yolngu Conversation 1
CAS522 Yolngu Conversation 2
CIK230 Indigenous Engagements: Land And Water
CIW240 Writing For Stage
CIW250 Writing For Short Film
CIW260 Critical Indigenous Writing
CIW270 Writing Project
CIW370 Writing Project
CUC107 Cultural Intelligence And Capability
IND130 Ethics And Protocols In Indigenous Contexts
IND160 Indigenous Employment Policy And Practice
IND161 Indigenous Employment Strategies And Support
IND171 Indigenous Research: Principles To Practice
IND172 Introductory Indigenous Research Project
IND230 Language Maintenance And Identity
IND300 Safe Spaces
IND390 Indigenous Knowledge Project
IND502 Indigenous Sovereignty And The Challenges Of Reconciliation
IND503 Challenging Educational Paradigms
IND505 Indigenous Representation And Ethical Practice
IND511 Healthy Country, Healthy People
IND590 Indigenous Knowledge Project
IND792 Honours Research #20
IND793 Honours Research #40
INL120 Linguistics For Indigenous Languages 2
INL220 Resource Production And Use
INL390 Indigenous Language Project
INR200 Research With Indigenous People
INR300 Indigenous Research Ethics And Methodologies
INR501 Indigenous Research Methodologies
LGA320 Dictionary Making
LMA220 Language Acquisition

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Languages and Linguistics


Literary Studies






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Public Health Research

Public Policy


Social Science


Social Work