Semester 2, 2019 | Part 2

Indigenous Studies

ACH400 Research Investigation: Theory and Literature
ACH401 Research Preparation: Knowledge and Skills
ATI110 Indigenous Policymaking
ATI200 Indigenous Contemporary Perspectives
ATI211 Indigenous Policy Principles and Practice
ATI221 Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management
ATI311 Race and Policy
ATI330 Indigenous Networking and Collaboration
ATI502 Indigenous Policy Agendas in Federal and State Politics
ATI504 Indigenous Knowledges and Epistemologies
ATI720 Dissertation
CAL210 Learning A Central Australian Language 1
CAS110 Introduction to Yolngu Languages and Culture
CAS111 Yolngu Languages and Culture 2
CAS205 Yolngu Life and Literature
CAS206 Yolgnu Matha Conversation
CAS305 Yolngu Texts and Conversations 2
CAS501 Yolngu Languages and Culture 1
CAS502 Yolngu Languages and Culture 2
CAS511 Yolngu Literature
CAS512 Indigenous Language Project
CAS521 Yolngu Conversation 1
CAS522 Yolngu Conversation 2
CIK210 Indigenous Knowledges: Representing and Recording Country
CIK240 Indigenous Cultures and The Environment
CIK305 Cultural Transactions: Communication and Negotiation
CIK341 Global Perspectives On Indigenous Land and Sea Management
CIW100 Foundations Of Creative Writing
CIW210 Short Story Writing
CIW220 Personal Narratives
CIW230 Writing Poetry
IND120 Indigenous People, Society and Culture
IND150 Colonising Australia
IND390 Indigenous Knowledge Project
IND792 Honours Research #20
IND793 Honours Research #40
INL100 Linguistics For Indigenous Languages 1
INL130 Language in Society
INL300 Linguistic Applications For Indigenous Language Analysis
INL390 Indigenous Language Project
LGA210 Semantics
LMA210 Languages in Contact
LMA310 Community Language Planning

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Languages and Linguistics


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Public Health Research

Public Policy

Social Science

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