This third edition of Phillips Electrical Principles continues to use a friendly writing style, range of worked examples and full colour illustrations to make the basic principles easier to understand. Covering the core knowledge component of the current UEE11 Training Package, the aim of this book is to present the information in a way that makes it accessible in terms of how the book is structured, written and illustrated.  With a new focus on sustainable energy, brushless DC motors and the inclusion of student ancillaries, as well as structuring more closely to the knowledge and skills requirements for each competency unit covered, Electrical Principles 3e, is the perfect text designed for student’s enrolled in Electrotechnology training packages at Certificate II and III level.  This bestsellers hallmark feature includes uncomplicated language and excellent use of fully worked examples. With over 800 diagrams, hundreds of worked examples, practice questions and self-check questions, this edition is the most up-to-date text in the market.  The writing style is aimed at Certificate III students while retaining the terminology typically used in the Electrical Trades. As well, the technical content does not break into a level above that of Certificate III. At all times the book uses illustrations integrated with the text to explain a topic.   Supports learning and delivery in: • UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician  • UEE22011 Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)

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