This book is a practical guide for students, full of the essential communication and study skills that will help them 'make the grade'. Covering all the skills that will be used across a degree, the book begins with listening skills, efficient time management and working effectively with a team and takes students right through their course to the best tips for taking exams. In between, it investigates and explains all formats in which lecturers usually ask students to convey their ideas, including essays, reports, annotated bibliographies, reviews, oral presentations, posters, and figures and tables. It also offers assistance revision, referencing and using the library effectively. Students can read the book from front to back, look up particular topics as they need to, or use just one section they find useful. Each chapter is self-contained and deals with a different aspect of the skills necessary for both successful university learning and communication, assisting students to navigate the culture, language and conventions of successful study at university. KEY FEATURES: Tips - margin notes highlight key concepts and tips to help students study. Examples and Boxes throughout illustrate concepts. New design and structure for this edition to better support development of skills.

Author: Iain M. Hay, Dianne Bochner, Gill Blacket, Carol Dungey
ISBN: 9780195576085
Publication Date: 28 Jun 2012
Edition: 4th Revised Edition

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