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Torts: Cases and Commentary delivers a critical and analytical approach to the law of torts presented through extensive commentary and selected materials from cases, legislation and academic writings. Detailed notes explain the significance of the key cases while questions stimulate critical thinking and learning. This edition provides extended coverage of statutory defences to negligence, while doctrines relating to the scope of liability are now discussed together with factual causation in one chapter. Current issues in tort law reform are examined and additional references to academic writings are provided. New cases include: * Alcan Gove Pty Ltd v Zabic (time at which exposure to asbestos leads to actionable damage) * Allen v Chadwick (contributory negligence) * Hunter and New England Local Health District v McKenna (duty of care owed by a provider of mental health services) * Marsh v Baxter (nuisance) * Prince Alfred College Inc v ADC (vicarious liability) * Swick Nominees Pty Ltd v Leroi International Inc (No 2) (pure economic loss) * Wallace v Kam (scope of liability) Features * Fully revised and updated * Covers key cases and legislation and emerging issues in tort law * Clear and accessible format * Comprehensive analysis enables in-depth understanding of the subject area * Easy to navigate Related Titles Davies & Malkin, Focus: Torts, 7th ed, 2015 Foster, Torts Cases and Commentary Supplement: Defamation and Wrongful Interference with Goods, 2014 Howe, Walsh & Rooney, LexisNexis Study Guides: Torts, 3rd ed, 2015 Stickley, Australian Torts Law, 4th ed, 2017

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