Sale of Land in NSW: Commentary and Cases, 5th Edition analyses the effects of the 2005 standard form of contract for sale of land and the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2005 (NSW) on conveyancing law and practice. This edition takes into account the numerous legislative and regulatory changes that have affected conveyancing over the past decade since the last edition and examines the most significant recent case law, including: • Iannello v Sharpe and Zhang v VP 302 SPV PTY (effect of alterations to simple agreements); • ETO Pty Ltd v Idameneo (No 123) Pty Ltd (GST clauses in the 2005 standard form contract); • Nassif v Caminer (claims under cl 7 of the standard form contract); and • Tudor Developments Pty Ltd v Makeig (Limitation on a purchaser’s entitlement to rescind – the doctrine of election). The plain English style, carefully selected extracts and concise approach of Sale of Land in NSW: Commentary and Cases, 5th Edition ensures readers gain a sound working knowledge of the fundamental legal principles of vendor and purchaser law. This eagerly awaited edition is sure to be invaluable to students and practitioners alike.