Business Law, 3rd Edition, by Nickolas James provides you with a unique and interesting introduction to business law. Business students need to know more than what the law is; you need to know where to find it; how to read it, how to use it and how it impacts on all areas of business. Business Law will help you develop a greater awareness of the law and its broad application to business and commercial environments.

Business Law comes with iStudy, an interactive study aid. iStudy has a number of local videos and interactive modules that include activities to test your knowledge and aid in your understanding of this Wiley text. Best of all, iStudy is available on a range of operating systems which means you can use it anytime, anywhere. Features: * Each chapter begins and ends with ‘Johnny and Ash’ – a framing narrative which establishes the importance and relevance of the business law concepts presented, by describing a particular problem or situation. This feature involves a range of scenarios between two characters: Johnny, a restaurant owner, and Ash, a solicitor. Johnny and Ash begin each chapter by discussing one of more of the key issues from the chapter, and finish each chapter with the resolution of those issues. This is done in a way that grounds these key issues in the real world, demonstrating how and why these issues might arise in business practice * ‘Law in context’ boxes offer alternative perspectives on the law described in the main text. These perspectives include the operation of the law in practice, ethical perspectives, the portrayal of the law in popular culture, philosophical or historical perspectives on the law, insights upon the law from other disciplines such as economics or social science, the political context within which the law was developed and the law in a global context

* Each chapter ends with a set of questions for you to test your understanding of the content, as well as exercises where you can apply your knowledge to the solution of certain legal problems

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