For many years, probably most of the 1900's, Sweetheart made his home on a remote stretch of the Finnis River, a beautiful and outwardly serene billabong known as Sweets. From early accounts we find the aboriginals of that area knew of this big croc. Later on Sweetheart made his presence convincingly known to all who stumbled across his path from station owner to croc hunters. However it appears Sweetheart was content to co-exist with mankind until the 1960's - then something unexplainable but certainly dramatic happened that forever changed the giant croc into a rogue. When we set out to document this story, we had little idea it would take us two years to compile. It has lead us to men and women right across the nation, men and women of all walks of life who have experienced first hand the wrath of a "Sweetheart embrace". This is the legend of a rogue croc extraordinaire the most infamous crocodile in history - victor in battle over at least ten encounters with boats and motors.

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