Skills in Geography: Australian Curriculum introduces and develops the fundamental geography skills students should master to succeed in Australian Curriculum Geography. Presented in a large format with detailed, high quality maps and images, this unique resource combines topographic map extracts, supporting explanatory text and graded exercises to enable students to understand geography through practice. Comprehensively covers the Geography Inquiry and Skills strand - Addresses the requirements of the Geography Inquiry and Skills strand, one of the two curriculum strands, by covering skills in relation to the Australian Curriculum: Geography unit content descriptions. Larger format includes high quality maps and images - Maps and images are 33% larger than standard size textbooks allowing for more detailed analysis of the content and improved useabilty during practical assessments and fieldwork.


Stimulating questions and assessment tasks written by a highly experienced author - Questions and activities encourage students to apply their knowledge through higher-order thinking and are expertly linked to open-ended assessment tasks that encourage students to interpret and apply what they have learnt. Updated to reflect current technologies - Updated to reflect contemporary technologies with additional sections on Google Earth and similar resources, as well as current information on techniques (such as remote sensing) to ensure students have the most up-to-date information available. Covers relevant environmental topics - Discusses topical environmental challenges in line with the syllabus requirements and pertinent to the industry today

Author: Grant Kleeman
ISBN: 9781107636088
Publication Date: 2 Jan 2014

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