An essential aspect of teaching is being able to reflect on your own practice and analyse your professional actions, and use this process to develop as a successful teacher. Reflective Practice for Teachers explores a range of key issues that you will need to engage with during your teacher preparation and early career in the classroom in order to deepen your understanding of teaching practice. Coverage includes: " The changing nature of teaching and the role of the teacher, and the importance of making personal evidence-based decisions; " Key learning theories, findings from neuroscience and their impact on learning; " How contemporary issues such as technology, global perspectives, and the importance of pedagogical practices can support effective teaching; " Guidance on how to reflect on the richness of diversity in classrooms, and the tensions and challenges that may result from differences. This is essential reading for teacher education students on university-based and school-based courses preparing to teach in primary and secondary education, and early career teachers seeking to continue their professional learning. Maura Sellars is a lecturer in Education at The University of Newcastle, Australia.

Author: Maura Sellars
ISBN: 9781446267400
Publication Date: 5 Nov 2013

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