PART 1: OVERVIEW OF MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 1. Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics 2. Economic Optimization 3. Demand and Supply PART 2: DEMAND ANALYSIS AND ESTIMATION 4. Demand Analysis 5. Demand Estimation 6. Forecasting PART 3: PRODUCTION AND COMPETITIVE MARKETS 7. Production Analysis and Compensation Policy 8. Cost Analysis and Estimation 9. Linear Programming 10. Competitive Markets 11. Performance and Strategy in Competitive Markets PART 4: IMPERFECT COMPETITION 12. Monopoly and Monopsony 13. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly 14. Game Theory and Competitive Strategy 15. Pricing Practices PART 5: LONG-TERM INVESTMENT DECISIONS 16. Risk Analysis 17. Capital Budgeting 18. Organization Structure and Corporate Governance 19. Government in the Market Economy Appendix A: Compounding and the Time Value of Money Appendix B: Interest Factor Tables Appendix C: Statistical Tables Selected Figures for End of Chapter Problems Index

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