The BSAVA Textbook of Veterinary Nursing ("Jones's") is is the classic core textbook covering the whole range of veterinary nursing in small animal practice, and core unit equine content. Features:

  • Anatomy and physiology presented in a single integrated chapter
  • Stand-alone chapter on Nursing Models, with clinical application examples
  • Chapter on Professional Responsibilities, Regulation and Ethics
  • Up-to-date content on MRSA and PETS regulations
  • Appendix on study skills
  • Addresses Equine Species as required by VN core units.

Professional responsibilities, regulation and the ethics of veterinary nursing; Principles of health and safety; Anatomy and physiology; Genetics; Infection and immunity; Elementary microbiology; Elementary parasitology; Medicines: pharmacology, therapeutics and dispensing; Client communication and practice organization; Animal handling, restraint and transport; Small animal behaviour and training; Maintaining animal accommodation; Nutrition and feeding; The nursing process, nursing models and care plans; Observation and assessment of the patient; Essential patient care; Principles of general nursing; Diagnostic imaging; Laboratory diagnostic aids; Medical disorders of dogs and cats and their nursing; First aid and emergencies; Fluid Therapy; Anaesthesia and analgesia; Theatre practice; Small animal surgical nursing; Reproduction, obstetric and paediatric nursing; Dentistry; Appendices: Common breeds: dog; cat; horse; rabbit; Normal parameters: dog; cat; small mammal; Conversion tables; Study skills; Personal and professional development: reflective insight.