This publication has been mapped to the BSBITU402A - Develop And Use Complex Spreadsheets competency and is designed to act as a learning guide covering the technical aspects of the competency. It is primarily designed for people who need to know how to use Microsoft Excel to develop automated and linked workbook solutions.


At the completion of this course you should be able to:


create more complex formulas and functions

work with logical function in Excel

use maths functions

use a variety of Financial functions

use a variety of financial functions

use the date and time functions to perform calculations

use a range of lookup and reference functions

use a range of techniques to work with worksheets

understand and create simple PivotTables

create and edit a PivotChart

use and format a range of elements and features to enhance charts

apply a variety of page setup techniques

import data into Excel and export data from Excel

create and use templates in Microsoft Excel

create recorded macros in Excel

use the macro recorder to create a variety of macros

work safely with your computer, consider your impact on the environment and manage files and folders efficiently

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