ENG446 Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocesses are an important part of process engineering. This area has been growing rapidly due to advances in biotechnology which have led to environmentally friendly and low energy processes for production of a number of important chemical compounds. Bioprocesses find applications in food and drinks, pharmaceutical and biofuel industries as well as in biological waste treatment.

Students will develop an appreciation of challenges specific to design and operation of bioprocesses and learn to apply chemical engineering principles to critically evaluate biological systems, design bioreactors and purification systems.

The unit will cover the following topics: Basics of microbiology and biochemistry particularly, classification of micro-organisms, industrial uses of microbes and metabolic biomolecules; Enzymatic reactions, Michaelis-Menten kinetics, enzyme inhibition, immobilized enzymes, design of enzymatic reactors; Kinetics of cell growth - Monod equation; Fermenter design and operation - batch, fed-batch and continuous fermenters, washout, optimum dilution, Oxygen requirements and mixing; Purification; Sterilisation; Biological waste treatment.

This unit is reliant on on-line materials including electronic submission of assessment items. Students must have access to a reliable high-speed broadband connection and a scanner.

Unit Information

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