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Semester 1 | 2024 by unit code A-Z (unconfirmed for 2024, check Library or Learnline)

ECE301 Play in Early Childhood Education
ECE302 Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood Contexts
ECE501 - Human Development and Play Pedagogies
ECE503 - Curriculum Studies and Programming
ECE512 - Assessment for Learning and Curricula
ECL123 Mathematics in Early Years
ECL155 Preparation for Teaching in Early Childhood and Education
ECL246 Music and Movement in Early Childhood
ECM301 - Secondary Science 1
ECM317 - Secondary Business Enterprises 1
ECM333 - Secondary Humanities 1
ECM361 - Secondary Mathematics 1
ECM581 Teaching the Curriculum: Junior Secondary English
ECM591 Teaching the Curriculum: Junior Secondary History
ECO505 Economics of Sustainability
ECP210 Teaching and Learning 3 / Early Years
ECU100 Arts for Education
ECU101 Health and Physical Education in Educational Settings
ECU301 Humanities and Social Science Pedagogy
ECU311 Arts, Health and PE for the Early Years
ECU501 Humanities and Social Science Education
ECU511 Arts, Health and PE for the Early Years
EIE501 Inclusive Education, Policies and Practice
ELA100 English, Language and Literacy In Education 1
ELA201 Teaching English as An Additional Language
ELA300 English, Language and Literacy in Education 3
ELA301 Literacy Capability in Context
ELA302 Lote Pedagogy
ELA511 English, Language and Literacy
ELA512 English Literacy: Reading and Writing
ELA513 English As An Additional Language
ELA515 Primary Specialisation: English and Literature
ELA522 Primary Specialisation: Languages Other Than English
EMA100 Mathematics Education 1: Content Knowledge For Teaching
EMA200 Mathematics Education 2: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Primary Mathematics
EMA300 Mathematising and Contextualising
EMA511 Mathematics and Pedagogy
EMA522 Primary Specialisation: Mathematics
ENG215 Surveying and Construction
ENG223 Electrical Circuit Analysis
ENG235 Manufacturing
ENG246 Process Analysis
ENG247 Fluid and Thermodynamics
ENG311 Geomechanics
ENG325 Systems Modelling and Control
ENG341 Separation Process Principles
ENG364 Materials Engineering
ENG442 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
ENG443 Reactor Design
ENG515 Water Resources Engineering
ENG534 Dynamics of Engineering Systems
ENG567 Design of Steel Structures
ENG571 Analogue Devices
ENG572 Digital Signal Processing
ENG574 Power System Analysis
ENG580 Applied Fluid Mechanics
ENG586 Machine Design
ENT202 Innovation: Strategies and Systems
ENV102 The Diversity of Life
ENV201 Introductory Ecology
ENV311 Practical Statistics and Data Reasoning
ENV511 Real-World Statistics and Data Reasoning
ENV513 Environmental Planning and Policy
EPE102 Professional Experience: Planning for Early Childhood Learning
EPE111 Professional Experience: Planning for Learner Development
EPE211 Professional Experience: Planning for Learning and Assessment
EPE510 Education in Context: Preparation for Practice and Assessment
EPE520 Developmental Learning and Pedagogy
EPE540 Specialist Knowledges and Pedagogy
EPR200 Professional Experience 2: Teaching in Context
ESC100 Science Education 1: Chemical and Biological Sciences
EST200 Child and Adolescent Development
EST203 Teaching Indigenous Learners
EST204 ICT in Education
EST211 Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages in Schools
EST300 Assessment, Moderation and Reporting
EST303 Special Needs in the Classroom
EST504 Digital Technologies and Education
EST533 Primary Specialisation: Special Education, Language and Literacy
ETL302 Secondary Schooling Operations and Practices
ETL501 Learning and Teaching Adolescents
ETL502 Secondary Schooling Operations and Practices
ETP310 Teaching and Learning 5 / Inclusive Education
SBI111 Prespectives in Paramedicine Practice
SBI150 Cellular Biology
SBI171 Anatomy and Physiology 1
SBI172 Anatomy and Physiology 2
SBI241 Bioscience for Healthcare Practice
SBI242 Pharmacology For Clinical Practice
SBI282 Clinical Microbiology 1
SBI302 Clinical Microbiology 2
SCH101 Chemical Concepts
SCH104 Introductory Chemistry A
SLT501 Foundations of Communication Analysis
SLT506 Fluency and Voice
SID403 Research Skills
SMA101 Mathematics 1A
SMA102 Mathematics 1B
SMA104 Concepts of Mathematics
SMA209 Mathematics 2A
SPE120 Essentials in Health and Fitness
SPE206 Exercise and Sport Psychology 1
SPE210 Motor Control and Development
SPE309 Exercise Physiology 2
SPE320 Nutrition and Health
SPE351 Psychology and Sport
SPE371 Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
SPE372 Cardiometabolic Rehabilitation
SPE381 Physiological Assessment of Athletes
SPE382 Periodisation of Training
SPE383 Research Methodology
SPH141 Concepts of Physics
STA510 Business Statistics
SWK101 Introduction to Human Services
SWK201 Human Service Organisations
SWK301 Working With and Developing Communities
SWK311 Social Policy
SWK312 Social Work Research Methods
SWK313 Engaging with Individuals and Families in Partnership
SWK315 Social Work Practice in Mental Health
SWK320 Field Education A
SWK323 Legal Issues in Social Work
SWK330 Field Education A
SWK366 Field Education A
SWK402 Integrated Methods in Social Work
SWK420 Field Education B
SWK430 Field Education B
SWK466 Field Education B
SWK523 Social Work Theory for Advanced Professional Practice
SWK524 Communities, Social Change and Development
SWK529 integrative Methods for Social Work Futures

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