Listening Learning and Work is the first major work on Indigenous employment problems related to hearing loss. It is designed for professionals who are going to be working with Indigenous people. It's designed for not only employment specialists but for doctors, lawyers, other professionals who want an in-depth understanding of how having an often invisible hearing loss can contribute to poor access to services or limited performance of people in jobs. It also has a section for tertiary students and trainers on how they can shape their training to get better outcomes with less stress for Aboriginal students.

One of the things that have not been considered in tertiary training for Aboriginal people is widespread hearing loss or auditory processing problems because of endemic childhood ear disease. While primary schools and secondary schools are getting a handle on this, tertiary institutions around Australia have systematically neglected this for 20 years and continue to do so. Currently, none of the tertiary institutions around Australia are addressing meaningfully the fact that many of their students are going to have issues with listening and coping in classrooms. However, there are going to be better outcomes for students and staff if they consider this important issue. Listening, Learning and Work is a book that can help them to do this.


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