The Natural way of Things

May 10, 2016

By Charlotte Wood

The Natural Way of Things is anything but natural. Gritty, edgy and starkly confronting, it is a complex journey through the human psyche amid crisis, conflict and the tyranny of an unknown corporate power. We follow a group of women from very different backgrounds with one thing in common – they chose to question power. Thrown together in almost unimaginable circumstances, we see the ebb and flow of power as it is taken from them, wielded over them and ultimately reclaimed back.

Reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, there is a definite journey that occurs despite the lack in change of geographical location. The imagery is bleak, yet intricate and like any good thriller, draws you in as much as it makes you want to look away. Despite its attention to detail it raises many more questions than it answers and is as much social commentary, as it is a look at the roles of both hunter and hunted and how these roles can switch in the blink of an eye.

Honourable mentions also given to themes of materialism, the role of corporate power in society, misogyny and even a critique into basic human needs . It is overall a bloody good read, although the ending does leave one infuriatingly unsatisfied. Allow yourself time to read it one hit because it is hard to put down,  but don’t expect it to finish with a “ aah yes, now I get it!”

3 ½  tea and biscuits


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