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7 Apps No Student Should Live Without

As a student, you probably have a large number of apps on your smartphone. But did you know that some of them can actually make your studies easier ? We’ve put together a rough guide to help you understand, what apps you really can’t live without. All of these are free and available on Android, and iOs. Most also have web based versions.

An essential tool for writing, researching or generally checking meanings for any tricky technical terminology, is your first and last stop for easily defining any words you’re not sure of.  Another bonus of this app is that you can see what words people around you are looking for.

Evernote is a powerful notetaking and general productivity tool. The app allows you to take notes from any device and sync to any other device. You can also create lists, tasks, record audio and add photos . You can also set reminders and the powerful and easy to use search function allows you to easily retrieve notes you have written.

Gain access into a larger world with some of the world’s greatest minds right in the palm of your hand. Have at your fingertips business experts, philosophers, IT geniuses, scientists, creative powerhouses and thousands of interesting stories whenever, wherever you need it. High quality video, audio and written talks and blogs will provide insight and help open your mind. Plus it might help add an interesting edge to your next essay.


Never worry about losing your notes or coursework anymore. With Dropbox, upload different files ( including documents, photos, videos ) to the cloud and get them online wherever you need from any device. You can also share different documents and files with your fellow students without fear of losing important and useful data. is one of the best RSS feed aggregator there is. It can be quite difficult keeping your eyes on the latest thinking, blogs and theories that are emerging constantly in our current “ always on” world. takes care of that for you by letting you consolidate all news or new content into one feed. Just let the app know which news you’d like to receive and get notifications when something new pops up. Cool, huh?


Scannable, which is brought to you by the people who created Evernote, is fantastic for scanning just about anything really. You can scan documents, business cards, receipts and anything you point it at. Scans are able to cropped and enhanced giving you crystal clear records of your documents.


RefME is a very clever and effective tool for developing automatic citations, reference lists and bibliographies in over 7,500 citation styles, including Harvard, MLA and APA. You can generate citations by scanning book or journal barcodes and sync them with You can also search by Book/Article Title, ISBN, ISSN, DOI or URL. You can also easily cite websites simply by pasting in the url or use the safari or Chrome extension in your browser. 


What apps do you use? 

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