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Why You Should Make Room for Travel as a Student

In the immortal words of St Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” .Who wants to read just one page of the book?  When you’re a student and primed for learning, it’s important to seek out learning wherever you can get it. This may not necessarily just be the formal learning you get inside of a classroom – learning can come from anywhere, but one of the greatest learning adventures you will ever have is to travel. There’s many reasons why you should travel and often you might find more reasons why you can’t than why you should, but we’ve put together some of the reasons why you definitely should.

You’re young or young at heart.While a large proportion of our students are aged 25 and under, even if you’re a mature age student, you obviously have a propensity for expanding your level of experience and understanding of the world around you. While you’re sense of adventure is its peak, now is the perfect time to step into the unknown and refine and hone your sense of wanderlust. It will only lead to further growth and learning throughout your life.

Provides perspective and helps transition.Often studying signifies a transition in your life from old career to new career or perhaps a new level in your current career. Travel helps provide natural, positive memories of this transition and can all provide all new perspective through the new experiences you will have and connections you will make.

You have time. This might seem like a funny thing to say when you are weighed down by study and other commitments, but as a semester lasts only around 12 weeks, there is time freed in between semesters that may be free from learning or other commitments to expand your horizons

Combine Your Learning.Travelling while you’re a student allows you to take advantage of opportunities to combine your life learning with your formal learning. Take the opportunity to go to professional conferences, workshops or seminars in foreign locales. Learn, network and grow!

Student discounts.Many travel agents and travel booking sites specialise in travel for students and there are great discounts to be found, using your student ID.

Do an exchange..CDU has plenty of short term and long term opportunities  for studying abroad and travelling. Investigate flexible opportunities for student exchange and you’ll realise just how many options there are to expand your horizons.

So there’s really no excuse. The semester has ended and the world awaits. Plus if you’ve already been bitten by the travel bug, make sure you come in and see us before you go. For the month of June we’ve got 20% of all Lonely Planet stock. 

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