Skills for Success

February 19, 2015

The new edition of Communicating at University has arrived at the CDU Bookshop ready for a new year. This book aims to give students the skills for success in any field of higher education and give a good foundation in the academic communication skills required to succeed at university and in professional settings.

Communicating at University Book ImageIt explains how they should go about:

• writing in an academic style

• thinking and planning for assignments

• developing effective reading and critical evaluation


• note-taking, paraphrasing and summarising

• referencing

• editing for correct grammar, punctuation and conciseness

• writing the different assignments required at university: essays,

reports, annotated bibliographies and critiques

• communicating verbally

The text is written by experts in the fields of Applied Linguistics and Academic Literacy who are actively engaged in teaching and research at Charles Darwin University and Southern Cross University.

The authors have used an approach that embeds the information being taught in discussion and activities. This allows students to gain a deep understanding of what they are learning, and

experience in how to put this into practice. The text is designed so that students can learn the skills taught

independently. It is also a complete resource for teachers of academic literacy.