6 TED Talks to inspire You as a Student

July 29, 2016

TED is a treasure trove of new ideas, new ways of looking at existing concepts and is a great source of inspiration. There is a talk for just about every topic, so there is something to offer everyone. We’ve out together our 6 top talks to inspire you to ever greater heights or just new ways of looking at the everyday.

1. Don’t ask Where I’m form, ask Where I’m, a Local

This is a must view talk from author,  Taiye, Selasi for anyone that’s come to study here from somewhere other than here. Which is so many of our students at CDU. It provides a very fresh perspective on what actually is “home”.

2. The Lifelong Learner

A powerful  lesson about learning and how to use it to create your own passionate life from college president Ben Dunlap

3. The Clues to a Great story.

Storytelling is becoming an increasingly valuable skill whatever discipline or profession you end up in. Filmmaker and creator of cinematic greats Toy Story, Wall-E , Andrew Stanton, takes us through what really makes a great story.

 4. The Era of Open Innovation

While over 10 years old, this talk has great significance for today still in the “ innovation age” Researcher and innovation consultant Charles Leadbeater provides a fascinating insight into why innovation is for everyone, not just the professionals.

5.A Kinder, Gentler, Philosophy of Success. 

Philosopher, author and thinker Alain de Botton, discusses the concept of success and failure and how we can reframe these concepts to a more workable, gentler revaluation.

6.Why You will Fail to have a Great Career

Professor of economics, Larry Smith, in this blunt and funny talk, urges yout o follow your passions in the pursuit of thee career. No excuses!


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