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8 Spectacular Words You'll be Using More of in the Future

As a bookshop, we love words. Books are made of words (obviously) and when used in interesting ways, can make us think about the meaning of those words in completely different ways. Words are the key to communication, and thus having a well developed vocabulary can help you communicate in ways you've never thought of. Here's a list of words you might not have heard that we think people may well use a lot more of in the future. Get your wordsmith on!


Eerie or uncomfortably weird. Like the current state of world politics perhaps? "An eldritch state of affairs is in play across the globe" 


Imbroglio refers to a very complicated, confusing or embarrassing situation. There’s plenty of opportunities to use this when you look at current events. "The imbroglio caused by the US election is most disheartening."


Petrichor is that almost magical scent of rain on dry earth.The wet season is almost upon us here in the Top End, so there should be plenty of opportunities to slip this baby into a sentence.Try. "The petrichor is particularly pungent today."


Propinquity means nearness in place or time. Difficult to use in the everyday without sounding like a bit of a try-hard, but try something like " The propinquity of the shop to my house means getting milk for my cup of tea is but the work of a moment"


Mellifluous refers to a smooth, pleasant, musical sound: Perhaps the sound of rain when it finally comes to The Top End is useful, to break this incessant humidity. "The mellifluous sound of the rain on the roof, soothed my fevered brow"


Another one that's hard to say but impressive to use. This means to leave without saying goodbye."My lecturer just absqualated without posting our exam results!"



The state of being dull or lethargic.. This might happen to you as the summer break drags on.. "I can’t wait for semester 1 to start . I am in such a state of hebetude"


A state if disuse.  This could happen to your brain if you don’t use it. "After not studying for so long, my brain has fallen into desuetude."

And this is just the start! Go forth and explore the wonderful world of words. let us know if you find any really good ones!

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