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9 Jobs of the Future that Don't exist Yet but Will in 10 Years

Deciding your career path is hard enough as you make your way through academia and the endless juggle of work, study and life. But as digital disruption and the changing business, political  and environmental landscape evolves, so too will the work we find ourselves doing. Here are just some predictions of what the jobs of the future might look like.

Garbage Designer
Upcycling is experiencing significant growth among hobbyists, artisans and creative types who like to create new things out of stuff people have thrown out. As the trend grows and as the environmental imperative to minimise our waste also grows it is likely this will become a valid and potentially lucrative career. Garbage designers’ role will be to ensure upcycling attempts are efficient and successful, while minimising waste. Expertise in industrial design, materials science and engineering combined with a certain creative flair will be essential for a successful career

Healthcare Navigator
This position will grow from the movement toward e-health management and the increasing complexity technology has afforded primary healthcare, coupled with the rise in popularity of complementary medicines. Patients are increasingly looking for simple ways to navigate the complexity of the hospital system. Healthcare navigators will walk the patient through necessary paperwork and procedures as well as supporting patients and their families through lengthy and difficult illnesses. Knowledge of healthcare along with the sensitivity of a counsellor or social worker will be essential here.

Simplicity Expert
Simplicity experts will be used by business to make them more efficient and to make employees more productive, streamlining their day to day operations. Their role will be to condense 5 days of work to half a day of work, or reducing 20 administrative steps down to just 5. They will need to be fairly technologically and mathematically savvy with a fine eye for design, a good communicator and a strong understanding of organisational culture. They will be an integrator for people, process and technology in business

End of Life Planner or Coach
As life spans increase, and as the global population ages, planning for the last stages of life will become standard practice. This will be about maximising quality of life in later years as well as preparing for ways to make dying a smoother process. Skills and expertise in social work, healthcare, education and psychology will be helpful in this career path.


A rewilder’s job will be to repair or undo the damage that urban expansion and humans generally have done to our natural environment. This could mean tearing down fences, or ripping up roads or as much as possible returning our natural landscape to its most natural state. Expertise and knowledge in wildlife management, agriculture and environmental sciences required here.

Virtual Reality Experience Designer
Virtual reality for both work and play will become an integral part of our lives due to the expansion of the internet of things. This means that those who can design the best VR experiences will be in huge demand. Virtual reality experiences will be required in many areas including conferences and training, to tourism and leisure. These experiences will need directors, actors, designers and developers so a very broad range of skills needed here.

 Digital currency advisor
These are essentially financial planners of current and future digital currencies. Like current day stockbrokers and financial advisers, these guys will ehlp you trade on the digital stock marketing, using currency such as Bitcoin and any future digital currencies. Strong financial and market analysis skills required

Personal web manager
Increasingly, both companies and individuals alike are realising their public reputation  is only as good as what can be found out about them online. If you think how difficult it is now, managing your online profile through various platforms and mediums, imagine what it will be like in 20 or more years when the social media landscape is even more complex. The role of the personal web manager will be many and varied. Part hacker, publicist, security agent and guidance counsellor, their role will be to protect from cyber-attacks and embarrassing content all while presenting a positive image.  Skills in PR, communications and Cyber security management essential

This is just a snapshot of what jobs may become available into the future. There may well be others we couldn’t even begin to dream of. Whatever the jobs fo the future may be, one thing is clear, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills will be essential, so start honing those.

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