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9 Things to do to Prepare Yourself for End of Semester

1. Study timetable
Now is the perfect time to start your study regime. Don’t wait until swotvac. Even if you only have one or two exams, mapping out your time for study will help you retain information and remove the need for last minute cramming which is almost never productive. Even a small amount of study now will help you enormously later. By now you should know how much time you have until your exams so use the time wisely. Map it, don’t crap it!
2.Prepare yourself for exams
Make sure you’re prepared for exams by being clear on understanding what you need to learn, and making sure you have access to all the resources you need for exams including any books, stationery special equipment and peruse old exam papers. Make sure you also talk to your lecturers for advice too.
3. Eat well
Eating well is critical to making sure your brain is functioning at optimal capacity in times of high stress. So steer clear of the sugary, high fat “comfort” junk food as much as possible and opt food that will sustain your brain and your gut and keep you functioning at optimal levels. Try enriching your diet with lots of leafy green vegetables and fruit such as berries. Add in lots of oily fish such as salmon to your meal plan also.
4. Sleep well.Now is the time to also make sure you have a regular sleeping habits of at least 7 hours sleep per night. Avoid late night study sessions, they really aren’t productive, but if you must pull the odd all-nighter to get those end of semester assignments completed, make sure they are few and far between and get lots of rest in around them. Even a 10-minute power nap here and there can make all the difference.
5.Map out assignments.The end of semester is often synonymous with multiple assignment due dates. If you know you’ve got lots of assignments due at the same time, map out your due dates and workflows and have a timetable ( just like a study timetable) for finishing research, writing, editing, proofing and completing any group assignment work.
6.Start thinking about life after semester 2.If you’re finishing your studies or even just have along break ahead, now’s the time to think about what you will do after semester 2. Will you need to look for work? Or if not, it’s the perfect time to think about what you’ve put off while studying that you can start doing, even if it’s reconnecting with family and friends
7.Join professional organisations.If you haven’t already think about what professional organisations within your field you could join. This can help with advancing your career, growing professional networks and giving you opportunities for professional development.
8.Update your resume.It’s also a really good time to update your resume and start thinking who you might send it out to. This is particularly important if you’re finishing up with study and looking for your dream job, but also if you need to use the break between semesters to fill in your resume. Tidy it up and get it out there.
9.Consolidate connections.The end of a semester is also a great time to really consolidate your connections. Make sure you have the contact details of key people you’ve connected with over the semester through study, connect with them on Linked In and if you’d like to continue to connect with them after semester, make sure lines of communication are open.

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